10th IEEE International Conference on Network Softwarization
24–28 June 2024 // St. Louis, MO, USA
Softwarized Networks in the Age of Generative AI


Program at a Glance

  • ISE 230 —> Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building room 230 in the second floor.
  • ISE 211 —> Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building room 211 in the second floor.
  • Lec 001 —> Lee’s Lecture Hall room 001
  • TEG AUD —> Tegeler Hall Auditorium in the main floor of the Tegeler Hall.

The main conference sessions and breakfast are at Tegeler Hall, just across from ISE. Lunch will be in ISE. You can park in the visitor spaces of SLU parking garages. The closest is the Olive Compton Garage (red zone on the map): Link 

Please refer to the conference venue: NetSoft 2024 Venue

Technical Sessions (Long Papers)

TS1 - Network Function Virtualization (Session Chair: Giovanni Schembra)


AggVNF: Aggregate VNF Allocation and Migration in Dynamic Cloud Data Centers

Christopher Gonzalez, Bin Tang


Efficient Network Slicing Orchestrator for 5G Networks using a Genetic Algorithm-based Scheduler with Kubernetes: Experimental Insights

Massinissa Ait aba, Maya Kassis, Maxime Elkael, Andrea Araldo, Ali Al Khansa, Hind Castel-Taleb, Badii Jouaber


Proactive VNF Redeployment and Traffic Routing for Modern Telco Networks

Qiong Liu, Tianzhu Zhang, Walter Cerroni, Leonardo Linguaglossa


Signaling Storm Mitigation by Geographically Distributed C-plane NF Placement and Routing

Masayuki Kurata, Akio Ikami, Sohei Itahara, Masaki Suzuki


TS2 - Network Softwarization (Session Chair: Elisa Rojas Sánchez)


Towards Automatic Exploitation of Programmable Networks

Mihai Valentin Dumitru, Dragos Dumitrescu, Costin Raiciu


Towards Sustainable Networking: Unveiling Energy Efficiency Through Hop and Path Efficiency Indicators in Computer Networks

Ramon Bister, Alexander Clemm, Severin Dellsperger, Reto Furrer


PolyNet: Cost- and Performance-aware Multi-criteria Link Selection for Software-defined Edge-to-cloud Overlay Virtual Networks

Vahid Daneshmand, Renato Figueiredo, Kensworth Subratie


DigiNet: Scaling up Provisioning of Network Digital Twin

Marcelo Caggiani Luizelli, Francisco Germano Vogt, Paulo Souza, Arthur Francisco Lorenzon, Roberto Iraja Tavares da Costa Filho, Fábio Diniz Rossi, Rodrigo N. Calheiros, Christian Esteve Rothenberg


TS3 - Security (Session Chair: Andrea Melis)


Detecting Attacks and Optimizing Routes in Radio-frequency Networks Using Machine Learning and Graph Theory

Manjushree Muralidhara, Md. Shirajum Munir, Sravanthi Proddatoori, Sachin Shetty, Kimberly Gold


Leveraging Federated Learning and Variational Autoencoders for an Enhanced Anomaly Detection System

Beny Nugraha, Kavya Kota, Thomas Bauschert


TS4 - AI/ML and Predictive Networking (Session Chair: Victoria Manfredi)


From Pixels to Packets: Traffic Classification of Augmented Reality and Cloud Gaming

Alireza Shirmarz, Fábio Luciano Verdi, Suneet Kumar Singh, Christian Esteve Rothenberg


Leveraging LLMs to eXplain DRL Decisions for Transparent 6G Network Slicing

Mazene Ameur, Bouziane Brik, Adlen Ksentini


NFScaler: AI-Powered 5G-and-Beyond Network Function Scaler for QoS Assurance and Energy Efficiency

Abdirazak Ali Asir Rage, Ning Wang, Rahim Tafazolli


An Adaptive Closed-Loop Encoding VNF for Virtual Reality Applications

Andrea Caruso, Christian Grasso, Giovanni Schembra, Raoul Raftopoulos


TS5 - Performance Analysis and Assessments (Session Chair: Christian Esteve Rothenberg)


Comparative Analysis of Processing Latency and CPU Efficiency in FPGA-Based FEC Acceleration

Aerman Tuerxun, Akihiro Nakao


Minimizing Power Consumption in SDNs: Measurements and Optimization

Viviana Arrigoni, Matteo Finelli, Federico Trombetti, Novella Bartolini


An Adaptive Rule-based Path Selection Method using Link Information in Non-Terrestrial Networks

Tomohiro Korikawa, Chikako Takasaki, Kyota Hattori, Hidenari Ohwada


Measuring the Cost of the Linux Network Stack in Real-Time

Davide Miola, Fulvio Risso, Federico Parola


Short Technical Sessions (Short Papers)


SS1 - Security (Session Chair: Marco Savi )


Detection of Anomalous e2e Encrypted Function Invocation in FaaS using Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Davide Andreotti, Giacomo Verticale


Enhancing IoT Security in 6G Environment With Transparent AI: Leveraging XGBoost, SHAP and LIME

Navneet Kaur, Lav Gupta


Securing the Open RAN Infrastructure: Exploring Vulnerabilities in Kubernetes Deployments

Felix Klement, Alessandro Brighente, Michele Polese, Mauro Conti, Stefan Katzenbeisser


In-Network Encryption for Secure Industrial Control Systems Communications

Lorenzo Rinieri, Antonio Iacobelli, Amir Al Sadi, Andrea Melis, Franco Callegati, Marco Prandini


SS2 - AI/ML (Session Chair: Deepak Nadig)


A Transfer Time Prediction System for High-Throughput Computing Networks using Dynamical Systems Modeling

Venkat Sai Suman Lamba Karanam, Byrav Ramamurthy


DDPG_CAD: Intelligent Channel Activity Detection Scheduling in Massive IoT LoRaWAN

Jui Mhatre, Ahyoung Lee, Hoseon Lee, Tu N. Nguyen


LLM-enabled Intent-driven Service Configuration for Next Generation Networks

Abdelkader Mekrache, Adlen Ksentini


Leveraging Large Language Models for VNF Resource Forecasting

Jing Su, Suku Nair, Leo Popokh


Hierarchical Multiclass Continual Learning for Network Intrusion Detection

Jacopo Talpini, Fabio Sartori, Marco Savi


SS3 - Softwarization and Performance Analysis (Session Chair: Prasad Calyam)


Enhancing P4 Syntax to Support Extended Finite State Machines as Native Stateful Objects

Florent Allard, Tarek Ould-Bachir, Yvon Savaria


Sharding the Datastore Network Functions of 5G Core for Scalable and Resilient Slice Service

Priyansha Tiwari, Shwetha Vittal, Antony Franklin A


Towards Adaptive Networks - Generalized Utility Functions in Multi-Agent Frameworks

Kaushik Dey, Satheesh Kumar Perepu, Abir Das, Pallab Dasgupta


Calibration and Automation of a 5G Simulator for Realistic Evaluation and Data Generation

Conrado Boeira, Kazi Antor Hasan, Khaleda Papry, Yue Ju, Zhongwen Zhu, Israat Haque


The Effects of Topologies on the Performance of Real-Time Networks

Philip Diederich, Alexej Grigorjew, Stefan Geissler, Tobias Hoßfeld, Wolfgang Kellerer