10th IEEE International Conference on Network Softwarization
24–28 June 2024 // St. Louis, MO, USA
Softwarized Networks in the Age of Generative AI

Posters and Demos

Poster Assignment and Other Info for Poster and Demos 

The poster presenters need to find the tripod designated with their number in room ISE 211 and set up their poster. The materials for this will be provided. If there are any additional needs, please contact the organizers. While we assumed that you would be bringing a poster with you if for some reason you still need to print your poster, please ask one of the local organizers where you can print: our SLU library can print, as well as FedEx shops near campus (both for a similar fee).   

  • Posters should be presented at both sessions (Tuesday and Thursday).

  • Authors should remove their posters on Thursday afternoon after the second session. The remaining posters may be purged on Thursday at 5pm.

  • Please find below the poster titles, first authors, and your assigned number, so you know where to place your poster (and demo). Use these numbers to know where to hang your poster on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. 

Demos Slot Assignments

  1. Enabling Lightweight Federated Learning in NextG Wireless Networks. Emilio Paolini, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

  2. IntentLLM: An AI Chatbot to Create, Find, and Explain Slice Intents in TeraFlowSDN. Daniel    Adanza, CTTC

  3. Demo: An Open-Source and Standards-Based Network-as-a-Service Platform for Cloud VR Gaming. Hesam Rahimi, Huawei Technologies Canada

  4. In-network Computing Architecture for Service Acceleration for 6G Networks. Hiroki Baba, NTT

  5. Offloading NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) to SmartNICs on an at-scale Distributed Testbed. Shoaib Basu, Purdue University

  6. Data Processing Unit (DPU) Based Network Process Offloading for Efficient Service Meshes. Hasanth Karumuri, Purdue University


Poster Slot Assignments

  1. Transport-Aware Resource Block Allocation in 5G Slicing. Andrea Pinto, Saint Louis University

  2. Poster: Hardware Security for IoT Wireless Network    Uday. Kiran Sunkara, University of Florida